- Zeus Alarm Systems (Pro 800P and the DA 844)

Ref the Zeus Alarm systems that Predominately Australian Security and Fire systems Installed over a period from about 2001/2 until about the start of 2005.
Knowing these systems quite well now due to coming across them so often we are able to fault find and repair down to component level.
In most cases 85-90% this is successful and to date (after 2 years) there hasn’t been a repeated fault on a system that has been repaired by us. This is not saying there won’t be one though.
In worse case scenarios there has been the need to change over the system fully for either a second hand refurbished one or for a more common/Generic system.

If you are at this site ref the Zeus system or system Australian Security and Fire installed it is because
You can’t find their number
You can’t find any one who knows your system (Zeus) to service or fault find on it and repair it.

Should the need arise where an upgrade is the only option we currently use the NX panels supplies by Direct Alarm Supplies, these systems are very generic and most companies will know how to default them and fault find/rectify any issues you may have should GJW’s Installations not be around when this occurs.
Unlike the Zeus system where I believe there are 3 people in WA who can service these system correctly and licences to work on Security Alarm systems.

Please feel free to contact us should you have one of these systems installed and have issues with it..

Please note that by no means are we part of Australian Security and Fire Systems WA. We are our own entity.

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