- Security Alarms/Systems

  • Fully loaded NX 8 alarm system installed with 4 PIR Sensors, 3 door reed devices for partial perimeter arming, LED Key pad, Internal Screamer, External Horn, Strobe, Tamper device and cover. 8 Zone alarm panel with on board communicator, 2 button wireless remote control with two fob’s, to arm, Disarm, Partial Arm and panic the system. For single story Brick and Tile house $1475.
    Up grade to self monitored dialling and/or 4 button remote receiver and fob’s to operate your garage door and gate if needed
    2 Year warranty

  • We also do 12 and 16 zone systems that can be fully expandable to 48 zones and 8 different areas.

  • Covering all doors and windows, internal and external, hard wired and wireless, monitored and non monitored, self monitored via mobile call dialling, SMS, Monitored via landline, GSM units, Radio network, coming soon via IP

  • Rented systems for short periods of time wireless power via solar panels monitored via radio network

  • You name it we do it

  • Commercial and Domestic premises

  • Front Door cameras or pool watch cameras sent through your TV system to a particular channel to see who is at the front door or watch over the pool whilst answering the phone etc

  • We also do fully loaded CCTV systems for Commercial and Domestic starting with a 4 channel up to 16 channel systems basic to more professional as in real time recording and resolution up at 680 x 540, connect them to your home or business network and see what is happening whilst not present all recorded footage meets the standards required by law to be submissible in court and more.

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